DELTA Energie

Helping DELTA Energie to become more future proof in their GDPR compliance.

DELTA Energie was looking for better ways to manage the consents of their clients and allow themselves to become more future proof in terms of their GDPR compliance.

The client

DELTA Energie is an energy company that wants to help their clients towards a C02-neutral and sustainable life.
In the current energy business, the stakes are very high. So understanding who your clients are and what they want, is extremely important.

The question

Due to changed legislation, DELTA needed to revise the way they use client and acquisition data, to be able to send them tailored and interesting offers while being compliant.

They were looking for a partner that is strong in both software development and data analysis to run this project.

The solution

We were called in to run this project for DELTA Energie because of our combination of knowledge in data science, software development and being able to translate business needs into workable solutions.

We developed a new framework to easier manage consents, while also making sure that any future changes due to either legislation or business needs, can be implemented easily.

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Early Friday excels in both data analyses and software development and that works really well!

Joost JiskootAcquisition Marketeer at DELTA Energie