A Smart Workforce Planner for

Active Ants

An automated planning & AI driven forecasting tool

Active Ants was looking for a way to automate their planning and become less dependent on individual planners. That's why we created Smaplr. Smaplr is a workforce optimization software solution that offers a complete end-to-end solution from offering an accurate forecast, to generating the optimal planning and implementing this directly into your WFM. Without human intervention.

The client

Active Ants is a e-fullfilment company that works for webshops like Mr. Marvis, Bol.com and Rituals. They ship between 8.000 and 10.000 orders a day.

The question

Active Ants run a huge operation that demands careful planning of employees. Up to then, their planning process was done completely manual. That meant it was a time consuming and people-dependant task. That's why they wanted to move towards an automated planning system that could help them with their specific demands.

The solution

We created Smaplr, an automated and AI-driven planning & forecasting system that allows Active Ants to automate the whole planning process, while also easily adding their specific constraints. For instance: they work with a lot of temp workers that need to be trained, so when want them to have a buddy. With Smaplr they can add custom constraints that are specific for their business.

Now Active Ants can benefit from:


Efficient staffing

Smaplr ensures that you always have the right number of staff with the necessary skills to meet demand. So no more under- or overstaffing.

Easily combining team workers

Automatically combine temp workers with buddies that can train them.

Adding divergent schedules

Add a rolling schedule where employees work evening shifts one week, and day shifts the next.

Save on FTE's

They save on planners time and FTE's and less dependency on the planners


The use of Smaplr can help a company to optimize its workforce planning, reduce the risk of errors, and maintain flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Watch the video

We're super impressed with the short lines of communication with Early Friday and their flexibility.

Clem ScheffelaarOperations Manager Active Ants