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Early Friday

We are specialists in helping companies unleash the power of their data, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that improve business outcomes.

What we believe in

Data is God

But only if you effectively turn data into useful information that results in understanding, knowledge and insights.

Kickass people are even better

People are at the core of everything we do. They are the most important part of our company, and the most important part of all our processes.

You can be professional in a hoodie

We believe in your potential, even when you're wearing a Snoopy sweater. You look great!

We embrace the power of differences

and enjoy every part of the ride.

We get it right and we’re always candid

We solve problems, we don't create them.

We're right next to you every step of the way

We work collaboratively alongside your team, transferring our knowledge and methodologies, and making sure we deliver implementation success and reach sustainable results.

The Early Friday heroes

Frits van den berg

Frits van den Berg

Founder & CEO

106 kilos of love and Founding Father of Early Friday. With his endless energy and positivity, backed by years of experience in different technological companies, Frits knows how to turn any problem into a solution. Starting out as a software tester, he's moved through all the different corporate levels, and is the best at making lasting connections and overseeing large challenges.

tjerk van dinten

Tjerk van Dinten


Tjerk was once just called Tjerk. But at Early Friday we gave him his new name "Church" (because if you pronounce Tjerk in English, it almost sounds like "church"). The name suits him. He keeps us on the right financial path and always cheers us up with his distinctive laugh. When he's not crunching numbers, he's cruising in his famous car: The Church 1 (see link under this text).


Alexandre Martins

Data Engineer

With a master’s degree in physics engineering, this highly motivated, organized and result-oriented data engineer is obsessed with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of almost anything. He not only loves to orchestrate multiple data pipelines, but also a well-grilled charcoal piece of meat (good ol’ picanha).

rosa lucassen

Rosa Lucassen

Data Scientist

Rosa is a data scientist that got into mathematics in school, because she was bad at it. Since it’s in her character to never give up, she kept pursuing maths until she understood. And voila; now she’s a wizard. When not throwing together data, she’s throwing together great dishes in the kitchen. Want to make her day? Talk about Brooklyn 99 or give her a karaoke machine.

vincent wijma

Vincent Wijma

Data consultant

Vincent has a keen eye for aligning different views and ambitions, forging a clear strategy. He has a 'can do' mentality in both his work as well as in the kitchen. He loves to cook for friends and family and if you catch him on the right evening, he might even treat you to some of his DJ'ing skills.

lusinda brizzolari

Lusinda Brizzolari

Data Analyst

With more than 20 years of experience ranging from data quality specialist to system owner and everything in between, Lusinda lives and breathes data. Her special power is to keep everything simple and clear, while never losing sight of the ultimate goals and the relevant parties she needs to make things happen. She gets out of bed to ensure that data is fit for purpose, but also for her 4 kids and for spending time with friends.

Armand Starczewski

Data & UX consultant

Armand is the connector in any project, creating true team spirit and mutual understanding by closing the gap between different company silos and the customer. He mainly focuses on User Experience thus researching and designing the perfect experience that each user deserves. He's an experienced scrum master and has earned his stripes in front-end development and team management. Armand definitely has the positivity gen and can introduce you to some great Polish beats!

What does Early Friday mean?

Everybody knows the friday feeling. You’re positive, there’s a promise in the air, everything is as it should be. That’s the feeling we aim to give our clients: the reassurance that everything is under control. You can count on us to make every day feel like a friday.