Building a trusted
data backbone

In our fast-paced digital evolution, we help businesses to get behind the wheel and (re)gain control over their products, services and customer value. We help our clients realize the potential of their data assets with our services and by developing smart data products.


Bring your data to life!

When used accurately, your data can be the perfect base for your Analytics and Machine Learning capabilities, allowing you to stand out from the competition and strengthening the connection with your customers. We help our clients realize the potential of their data assets.
Data Strategy

Together with you, we create an effective Data Strategy to help you see the value of your data.

Analytics Platform Automation
We help you automate the tedious, repetitive processes, so you can focus on what matters – making fact-based decisions.
Data Architecture

We help you select the right data architecture to make your data journey future-proof.

Data Driven Culture

We help create a data driven culture by identifying the right people for the right roles. And getting everyone on board for the journey.

Data divinity

How we get to the bottom of your data lake

We start by considering if your business goals are aligned with your data and analytics strategy.
In order to achieve this, we use a Data Analytics and AI maturity evaluation model
that consists of the following steps:

What is the enterprise business strategy for data science?

What roles are defined and developed within the enterprise to support data science activities?

How do data scientists collaborate with others in the enterprise to evolve and hand off data science work products?

What is the enterprise approach or methodology to data science projects?

How easily can average business users learn about enterprise data resources? What about Data Scientist – do they have all required data?

How do data analysts and data scientists request and access data? How is data accessed, controlled, managed, and monitored?

How well do the tools used for analytics and data science scale and perform for data exploration, preparation, modeling, scoring, deployment, and collaboration?

How are data science assets managed and controlled?

What tools, including open source, are used within the enterprise for data science objectives? Are they adequate and in line with your business goals or are they obsolete?

How easily can data science work products be placed into production to meet timely business objectives? What obstacles exist in the way of unlocking their full potential?

Centering around the end customer

The overload of data – or infobesity – has lead to a situation where IT departments are in lead, when the end customer should be centric. That’s why we help companies shift their focus by using different tools and methods that identify which current processes and activities really add value for the end customer – and transform the ones that don’t.

Data Enlightenment

We’ve got your back! Getting all stakeholders on the same page regarding an ambitious data strategy can be challenging, even more so if you’re dealing with legacy environments and tools. That is why we diligently distribute individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

We bring our experience across different industries and enable your organization to experiment and iterate. In the process, we’ll constantly provide you with feedback in order to make your customers feel comfortable, familiar and confident in the way they retrieve and analyze their data products.

Continuous Flexibility

Together with you, we develop a flexible roadmap to create continuous end customer value increase. With the right use of data, we’ll improve performance with predictive analytics, allowing you to make fact-based decisions and heighten the resilience of your company.

We believe in

Democratizing Data

We strongly believe that the success of any data driven company lies in its ability to democratize data. That means that we want to ensure that all stakeholders feel more comfortable understanding data, not just the people in the IT department. When everybody involved understands and trusts the data, success will follow.

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