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Whitepaper ‘How to turn data into your greatest asset’

Learn about the democratization of data


How do you democratize your data?

Data is a commodity that can unlock new opportunities, so it feels like better access means better results. However, since a lot of data contains sensitive information, it is being treated more or less the same way; closed by default, access being granted on a case-by-case, need-to-have basis.

So how do you get the most out of your data, without breeding security risks? Our head of data & analytics – Alexandru – has written a vital whitepaper: ‘How to turn data into your greatest asset’.

In this whitepaper:

Data Democratization

  • What is Data Democratization?
  • Enhancing Data Access
  • Improving Data Literacy and using the right Data Tools

Obstacles to Data Democratization

  • Obstacle 1: Antiquated data culture
  • Obstacle 2: Data analytics requires specialized skills
  • Obstacle 3: Lack of data security and privacy policies
  • Obstacle 4: Concerns about misrepresentation and duplication
  • Obstacle 5: Legacy systems and traditional thinking
  • Obstacle 6: No clear image of how data is used within the organization

Steps you can take towards a more democratized data landscape

  • Step 1: Revising current data management strategy and architecture
  • Step 2: Inventory and mapping of data assets
  • Step 3: Technology investment
  • Step 4: Data accountability

I highly encourage everyone involved with data at any level to read this document.

Zoë LiebersbachLead Software Architect | Data Management, Governance and Analysis

Download the complete whitepaper here:

Download whitepaper

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