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Smart software

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Want to get the most out of your data? Let us take you to the next level and create an intelligent and high performing piece of software or application that will make your life easier.

A code snippet, a script or an algorithm on its own doesn’t mean much to an end user. Eventually the proof will always be in the pudding, that’s why we take great pride in creating an end solution that caters to all needs. Both in terms of the way in which data and data science is used, but also in keeping the user at the center of all software solutions that we develop.

Bring your data to life

We build custom software solutions that will put you in the driver’s seat and enable you to harness the full potential of your data. Think of smart and reusable forecast models that can be integrated seamlessly into your application landscape, or a resource planning module that fully automates tedious manual processes, adding some AI along the way.

In order to create the tools that are needed to get the most out of your company, we meticulously plot out the requirements, the goals and the users. Our star lineup of data scientists, software developers and UX/UI engineers are experts in asking the right questions to ultimately build the perfect data driven application.

Our Smart
Planning Software

How we optimize and simplify your workforce and workload planning

We have developed a data-driven software solution that is based on your historical data and external sources and combines this with constraints such as legislation, capacity or contract hours, as well as customer-specific constraints that you add yourself.

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