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What we do

Building a trusted
data backbone

A focus shift

Gain control over your data - and company

The overload of data – or infobesity – has lead to a situation where IT departments are in the lead, when the end customer should be centric. That’s why we help companies shift their focus by using different tools and methods that identify which current processes and activities really add value for the end customer – and transform the ones that don’t.

We do this by developing:

  • A Data Strategy
  • A solid Data architecture
  • Data Observability



Analyzing current and wishful situation

We analyze the current state of your data landscape and the ideal future state. We identify the gaps and the points of improvement to be made as part of the design of your trusted data backbone.

The 5 V's

We analyze your data according to the 5 V's: Velocity, Volume, Variety, Veracity, and Value.

Finding the optimal solution

In accordance to the outcome of the analyses of the 5 V's we recommend the optimal solutions for Ingestion, Storage, Engineering, Observability and Analytics.

How to become Data Divine

On average within 4 weeks you'll have a clear view on what your current data maturity level is, which steps can be taken to reach the next level, in which order, what is required to do so and what the added value will be for your company at every stage.

Implementing your trusted data backbone

We can unburden you by implementing the data backbone, covering everything from Process Optimization, to Data Governance and DataOps to Tool Management.

This all results in your
trusted data backbone

Want to get started?

Want to know which steps you can take towards a more data-minded future? Contact us and we'll be glad to help!