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Business processes are becoming increasingly complex. In addition, qualified personnel is a scarce commodity. An accurate and predictive planning is the difference between being a frontrunner and playing catch up with the market. But how do you generate a planning that works for you?

The data to generate a smart planning is often available, but isn’t yet fully utilized. That is why we have developed a data-driven software solution that simplifies and optimizes your workforce and workload planning.

Our smart planning software is based on your historical data and combines this data with constraints such as legislation, capacity or contract hours, as well as customer-specific constraints that you add yourself.

This way you can make a correct planning in a finger snap, save valuable hours of the planner’s time and respond faster and better to future planning issues.

In addition, your planners don’t have to perform as many manual actions, use their time more efficiently and therefore have their hands free for other, more strategic issues.

The benefits of
our smart planning

Data-driven working

With our software solution we ensure that work is done data-driven. This means that you can make fact-based decisions more often and faster. The result: better results and a higher quality of service.

Save on flexible staff

By allocating staff more efficiently to the required shifts, you will be less dependent on flexible non-core workforce.

Planners save valuable time

By fully automating the scheduling process, the planner has less manual and repetitive tasks to fulfill. This frees up his or her hands for other tasks, such as strategic workforce planning.

More continuity

The knowledge and skills no longer lie solely with the planner(s), which makes the business less vulnerable.

Increased scalability

Because processes are automated, scaling up for future growth becomes easier.

How it works

In our forecasting model, we collect sets of data from the different data sources. After that, we categorize and standardize the data sets, after which we apply various models to the created data sets. This results in ready-to-use forecast outputs, providing a clear prediction on what will happen in the near future.

Add your own specific constraints

With our smart planning software you’re able to add your own specific constraints. In addition to the standard constraints that we can apply, such as contract hours or legislation, you can add a variety of your own constraints. Think, for example of deviating schedules in even and uneven weeks, age-dependent working hours or shifts where a ratio of junior / senior employees is required.

The constraints wizard ensures that all these rules are applied in the planning. You decide which constraints you want to take into account.

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